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Knowing the Strength of Your Buying Power :: Nike Public Relations Retail Media Essays

Knowing the Strength of Your Buying Power Dependable news sources have freely uncovered the troubling working states of individuals utilized by temporary workers making Nike items in Indonesia, Haiti and Vietnam. Nike’s relationship with the misuse of third world laborers has energized an overall blacklist on their items. Positive advertising are essential to Nike, who has situated themselves through costly promoting efforts as a solid rival in the market of athletic shoes. Those running Nike are mindful that any negative relationship with the company’s name will be hindering to its prosperity. Nike’s name has gotten interchangeable with the fruitful trademark â€Å"just do it.† Their relationship with sweatshops is conflicting and ruinous to their self advanced picture as the bosses of individual accomplishment. Nike must keep up a positive open picture so as to keep on tempting shoppers into picking them over the contender. Along these lines, when enough individuals were focusing on Nike’ s corrupt strategic policies, Nike was pushed to react. Through the blacklist, concerned customers had the option to get Nike to recognize and address the heartless conditions at the industrial facilities they subcontract work to. In spite of the fact that there has not yet been finished purpose with Nike, concerned customers have demonstrated their capacity to be heard. Through purchaser activity we can make constructive changes actually and strategically. Numerous distributions - the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Sydney Morning Herald, Life Magazine - have written about the treacherous treatment of laborers making Nike items. There are reports of youngsters sewing soccer balls for 60 pennies per day, laborers being beaten, explicitly bothered, falling from depletion, being terminated on the record of taking wiped out leave, working in unsafe conditions, being paid beneath a bearable pay and the rundown goes on. This sort of egregious abuse is illicit in America. We have made laws to shield the unempowered laborer from being exploited by the enabled chief. On American soil, we are constrained by the law to direct business with a specific measure of good tolerability and through these authorized work laws we have built up a social comprehension and concurrence on compassionate treatment in business. In any case, since American laborers have confined extra time hours and a higher living compensation then those in underdeveloped nations, fabricating merchandise here is all the more exorbitant. Along these lines, to build net revenues, numerous U.

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Research Experience for High School Students Dissertation

Research Experience for High School Students - Dissertation Example This exposition focuses on that given the nonattendance of explicit and obvious proper arrangements and systems from the administration on examine understanding for secondary school understudies, the journey to infuse secondary school learning with explore experience has to a great extent stayed in the hands of private activities. This implies the presentation and upkeep of research involvement with secondary school learning has generally been a safeguard of endeavors applied by singular secondary schools and their partners. On the other hand, there are different associations or offices, for example, the National Science Foundation which support Research Experience for High School Students (REHSS) programs with coordinations and funds and help further the objectives of REHSS. This paper makes an end that the examination employee helping and directing the understudy needs to originate from the organization supporting the exploration. For example, Vanderbilt University appreciates the vastest reputation for continuing these autonomous research ventures. This implies the greater part of the examination employees who guide secondary school understudies undertaking autonomous research ventures are workers of Vanderbilt University. All understudies who take part in REHSS are to go to week after week breakout meetings in gatherings and are to be driven by a gathering of Vanderbilt University postdoctoral and graduate understudy looks into. In regard to the previous, note that establishments of realizing which give REHSS administrations have the privileges to set the necessities for enrolment. Roberts and Wassersug (2009) fights that much of the time, the understudy applicants must be: sixteen years of

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Constitution Timeline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Constitution Timeline - Essay Example The archive assumed a huge job in the production of the United States constitution. This is plainly found in the United States bill of rights. This illuminates different privileges of the individuals and shortens the administration powers (Historic Documents, n.d.). For instance, the bill says every individual must appreciate all rights with the correct act of law being followed (Historic Documents, n.d.). This is unmistakably found in the fifth and ninth revisions. This record is additionally a wellspring of numerous key ideas of the law (Historic Documents, n.d.). Truth be told, the idea of the constitution comes from this report. Settler composed the mayflower smaller before involving Plymouth province. This was an accord of the new pioneers showing up at the Plymouth in November 1620 (Foster, 1992). The journey was on the boat Mayflower. The settlement was drafted on reasonableness and equity standards and the decision of the lion's share (Foster, 1992). This was required by acknowledgment of travelers that the new world pioneers bombed because of absence of government. This arrangement was intended for their own endurance. They accepted the settlement would be regarded among god and man, and between one another (Foster, 1992). It calls for treatment of each other as equivalent in seeing god (Foster, 1992). This minimized had a significant commitment to the United States constitution. Right off the bat, it was a powerful report for the establishing fathers as they made the United States constitution. Furthermore, it prompted the creation of a new self-overseeing country. Additionally, the United States const itution was likewise framed on comparable bases of equity. The announcement of freedom was approved continuously Continental congress on July 4, 1776 (Department of State, n.d.). Thomas Jefferson drafted this announcement with minor changes made by the panel (Department of State, n.d.). The assertion was a result of sore relationship that existed between the

Hofstede Individualism - Uk vs Can Essay Example for Free

Hofstede Individualism Uk versus Can Essay There are numerous immense contrasts among the various social worth frameworks, as most â€Å"value frameworks are established emphatically in history and seem, by all accounts, to be impervious to change† (De Mooij, 2003). Be that as it may, if a culture affects the advancement of another nation’s culture, is it amazing that those equivalent qualities could move over? In the more up to date created culture that received attributes of a â€Å"mother† country, is it not conceivable for such perspectives as commercial and correspondence systems to hold potential for appropriateness to the two societies the same? As Canada is a piece of United Kingdom’s Commonwealth, it is a sensible presumption that they acquired social characteristics and properties usually connected with those from the UK. Conjuring the inquiry whether they have they lost these social ideas over their long periods of freedom? As per Geert Hofstede’s social measurements (Hofstede, 2001) independence is an evident social trademark that both the United Kingdom Canada still by and by share. A universal communicator could make a sensible assumption that notice and correspondence techniques from the United Kingdom, being a mother country to Canada, can be effectively used in Canada. Despite this, there are little assets accessible to help such an acclaim. For such explanation, the goal of this paper is to recognize social qualities shared between the United Kingdom and Canada. In this way captivating the inquiry What noteworthy highlights in separate Crimestoppers crusades, reflect social similitudes of both Canada and United Kingdom? Reason This exploration report will intend to build up critical equivalent qualities of Canada and United Kingdom’s national likeness over Hofstede’s social independence. Along these lines, breaking down of adverts from bothâ countries’ Crimestoppers programs, surveying over the characteristics exemplified through Geert Hofstede’s independence/cooperation social measurement and models of the high/low-setting society. This will give knowledge of social tantamount attributes from the adverts, which exposes commonsense significance for universal communicators arranging promotions in both or every one of the particular nations. The blend of recognizing major comparative qualities apparent in such adverts, and gauging them with the characteristics expressed in Hofstede’s measurements of Canada and United Kingdom can go about as an appropriate hotspot for future cross-culture correlations. 2|Page Hypothetical Framework Culture ordinarily holds a fluffy recognition, which makes successful promoting and publicizing correspondence troublesome in adjusting to a remote or universal objective market’s social qualities. For correspondence professionals to survey their strategy’s influence on another social market there should be a premise in which they can direct such assessment. Such a reason for questioning nations does exist and is held in the most noteworthy respect for social examination. The reason for said want, is in Geert Hofstede’s 5 social measurements: Power Distance (PDI), Individualism versus Collectivism (IDV), Masculinity versus Femininity (MAS), Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) and Long-term versus Short-term direction (LTO). These measurements are utilized by numerous individuals in the subject of multifaceted correspondences; one individual specifically whose culturally diverse speculations are profoundly established from these 5 measurements is Ma rieke de Mooij. As shouted by de Mooij (2003) â€Å"Countries would now be able to be thought about by methods for dimensional scales and culture†¦in specific Hofstede’s (1991, 2001) measurements of national culture are helpful due to accessibility of nation scores for countless countries† and the attributes these measurements embroil. Geert Hofstede’s 5-measurement model assumes such a noteworthy job in this examination paper for what it's worth from here that the primary premise of the social association idea starts. As should be obvious, Individualism †of the IDV social measurement †is the place the United Kingdom and Canada exceed expectations the most (see Figure 2, Appendix). Along these lines, that measurement is generally appropriate in crossculturally contrasting the two nation’s programs with decide prevailing qualities in their likenesses. As per Geert Hofstede’s social measurement nation scores, United Kingdom and Canada rank moderately high in Individualism of the IDV measurement †with scores of 89 and 80 separately †making it a top measurement to coordinate the two. There are a few elements relating to independence that characterize an individualist’s beliefs versus that of a collectivist. Four critical benefits of significance to individualistic standards are security, singular activity, culpability, and freedom (de Mooij, 2010). A few researchers’ works have related these perspectives reflecting qualities normally found with independence preferring countries. To list air conditioning couple of said scientists: Lamoreaux and Morling (2012), Zandpour (1994), Albers-Miller and Gelb (1996), de Mooij herself (1998), and Dahl (2004). While the four previously mentioned factors are a decent premise, another rule is expected to analyze Individualism of United Kingdom and Canada so as to increase a significant understanding into potential for cross culture correspondence procedures. This classification praises Hofstede’s individualistic and collectivistic culture measurement, and is another commendable measure in arranging a nation’s distinctive delineation on independence and cooperation. The huge contrast among individualistic and collectivistic societies is in the low/high-setting specialized techniques (de Mooij, 2010). Through commercials in these individualistic societies, general society anticipates an individual and direct methodology. Edward Hall built up a hypothesis on high/low setting, which praises Hofstede’s independence/cooperation structure (Hillebrand, 2007) while Dahl’s (2004) work bolsters the components of Hofstede’s measurements and Hall’s low setting the same. Hall’s hypothesis matches with ideas from de Mooij over cross culture looking at of a low-setting society. low-setting society ideas are characterized in three zones, being clear verbal correspondence, their mandates and accentuation on utilization of individual pronouns. These ideas hold importance as Canada and United Kingdom convey names as individualistic countries by Hofstede in this way low-setting in nature and breaking down their separate adverts through the individualistic attribute and ideas of low-setting messages, will uncover which qualities are huge in characterizing them as socially similar. Philosophy The procedure utilized for this paper is in a subjective examination of a couple of business adverts. So as to recognize attributes shared by United Kingdom and Canada, I chose to watch resident investment programs working in the two districts †â€Å"Crimestoppers†. Two TV adverts from every country were chosen; one set being all the more a Lesson type of commercial, and another being a more Drama style of notice. The objectives for every one of the particular Crimestoppers promotions are focused on people in general of thickly populated and urban zones †Toronto, Canada and London, England. To decide likenesses the two plugs from every nation break down the verbal and visual components showed all through the adverts. The verbal and visual components analyzed and assessed for their social similitudes, through the rules getting from Hofstede, Dahl, de Mooij and Hall’s speculations. The qualities of Hofstede’s independence social measurement and Hall’s (1990) ideas in the low-setting society upheld by de Mooij (2003, 2010) and Dahl (2004) build up a superior comprehension of which attributes are predominant in making United Kingdom and Canada socially comparative. The operationalizing of these ideas are by breaking down the four plugs †two promotions for each particular nation †where in the evaluation standards originates from the previously mentioned speculations of Hofstede, Hall and de Mooij. The four measures of the independence measurement utilized are: 1. Protection 2. Singular activity 3. Culpability 4. Freedom With the staying three points of reference of the low-setting classification being: 1. Clear methodology 2. Orders 3. Individual pronouns The operationalizing of these seven angles is over every one of the four ads, planning the models for evaluating the Crimestoppers adverts’ visual and verbal components in a table structure (see Table 1.1 Table 1.2, in Results). The table records every one of the models under the two classes †independence and lowcontext †and utilizes a rating framework and a model box as the segments to survey the measure for every Crimestoppers video. The rating framework utilizes a scale from 1-5, 1 speaking to the most minimal nearness in advertisements and 5 speaking to the most grounded nearness. The model segment is the place fast models and purposes of every one of the angles from the Crimestoppers business, to all the more likely help the rating. There are two tables each contrasting one Canadian video with one UK video, to feature which social standards overwhelmingly portrays likeness between the two countries. The four Crimestoppers adverts that are utilized are titled and followed by a concise depiction beneath: 1. (CAN) Toronto Crimestoppers †Anonymous I. The start portrays a man burglarizing an advantageous store with a hooded sweater and a firearm. He at that point holds up the assistant when he understands that the representative is wearing a ski veil. After freezing, he understands the observer inside the store, the old woman at the entryway when attempting to leave, the youngster in the house glancing out the window a

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SWOT analysis of google (Research Paper) - 1650 Words

SWOT analysis of google (Research Paper Sample) Content: SWOT analysis: A case Study on Google Inc. 2010(Name)(Institution Affiliation)IntroductionThe continuous advancement in technology has made it easy for humans to access to information, communicate, and locate things in a timely manner. Here, one needs to just type the key words of the information being searched and click the search button on search engines. The commonly used search engines are Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, and Bing (Adam, 2008). Google Inc. was founded in 1998 by two PhD students; Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Though founded in 1998, the two friends had decided to register the company as Google Incorporated after 10 years of service. As studies postulate, Google is one of the most powerful search engines, and the most visited website in the world (Adam, 2008).The website attracts approximately 61.9% of all internet searches. Currently, Google offers a variety of products, which include but not limited to Chrome, Earth, Gmail, iGoogle, Google M aps, Google Gadgets, Google Mobilizer, Google calender and Stetch up (Kumar, 2011). Financial analysis of Google Inc. reveals that the companys revenue, income and equity had been increasing over the past years. This implies that the company is capable of doing better than the past despite the many challenges it faces. The paper critically presents SWOT analysis applicable to Google strategy 2010. SWOT Analysis The section details the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Google Inc (Fine, 2009). A SWOT analysis tool will help Google Inc. make influential strategic decisions, which may make it attain a stable and sustainable long-term growth. StrengthsOne of the key strengths of Google is the ability to attract and reach huge markets. The company is highly innovative and entrepreneurial with unique marketing strategies. Through its culture of creativity, the company continues to offer to the market highly innovative products such as directory and images. In addition, Google has a varied customer base, which ranges from young to old people. Ideally, anyone using the internet is a potential market for the company. Moreover, the company is not biased towards advertisers, and it separates advertisement from actual results. Google search engine uses a highly sophisticated technology. A perfect example is the art search technology. The company has a perfect search engine, which is capable of displaying the exact content of the search within seconds. Its software conducts a series of instantaneous calculated fast than traditional search engines. The used technology offers localized search known as search by location, which displays information on vendors of the products and services. Also, the technology uses a simple interface, which provides comprehensive and non confusing results. The company has hired hard working PhDs who, continuously, enhance the search algorithms making the engine faster, relevant and efficient. To enhance its search ability fo r users in different countries, the engine consists of 88 languages. The company has a profile of highly qualified and competent men and women. Its staff has excellent academic qualifications, achievements and experiences in the field of Information Technology (IT) and knowledge management. Actually, most of its top executives have a minimum of a MBA in various disciplines applicable to Google. To enhance their level of competence, the companys staff are enriched their networks by being members of highly reputable councils and associations. The company has strong revenue and capital base streams. Over the last 10 years, the company has accumulated a total capital of  £105 billion. It is estimated that Google earns approximately 30% revenue per advertisement impression more than Yahoo. The increasing revenue is attributed to low operation cost, especially using low cost UNIX. This makes it have a competitive advantage over its competitors. WeaknessesThe issue of over application is a key challenge to the organization. Per year, on average, the company review over 0.5 million job applicants. This implies that top corporate executives need to stretch their efforts in order shortlist, select and choose the best applicants to occupy various positions on offer. Another weakness of the company is the failure of the top executives to properly support, motivate and retain subordinate staff. Studies show that employee retention is a key strategy towards achieving a steady organizational growth. Also, some of Googles staff feels underutilized, which makes them to leave the organization. This is evidenced from the development of an algorithm, which aids managers to indentify and converse those users likely to depart from the website. Ideally, the top executives of Google have failed to adopt proper mechanisms relevant in addressing employees grievances. It this problem is not addressed, there is a high risk of employees revealing the companys trade secrets to its arch r ivals like Yahoo and Amazon. The departure of these high-profile personalities, also, costs the company in terms of both money and time. A recent study reveals that Google hires excessive number of contractors, some of which does nothing significant to the company. This has substantially wasted the companys resources. The reputation (public image) of the company had been destroyed by its action of incorporating a lot of pornography in the data bases of its search engine. Again, Google has a confusing charging and ranking policy regarding the Cost Per Click advertisement. This makes it difficult for marketers to foretell where to position their ads and determine to cost of each ad. The companys technology is weak to the extent of easily manipulated by spammers, who often create dummy sites. Due to automated indexing, the companys localized search algorithms, sometimes, displays erroneous results. OpportunitiesIn general, there are many business opportunities in the external environm ent for the company to exploit. Thus, the company has an ability to grasp and implement the new opportunities and be head of its competitors in the industry. Also, by launching the new operating system, which is an upgrade of Google Chrome, the company has a vast to expand and affirm itself in the market. If the company, successfully, launch the new operating system, it will pose a challenge to Microsoft Corporation, which has enjoyed the monopoly power over the last 20 decades (Kumar, 2011). With the increasing demand for online books, (e-books) the company has an opportunity to enter into agreements with companies such as On Demand Books, and benefit from every book downloaded and printed via Googles search engine. With the existing level of technology employed by Google, it is possible for the company to develop an easy expert search and integrate it using open-url. A critical review of the company, also, indicates that it has a capacity to offer more services to hand-held devic es and increase its market share, become a mass market portal, and lock-in-users by increasing their switching costs (Adam, 2008). Finally, on Googles localized search, the company can place localized vendor (paid) advertisements, and overall internet ads. Threats Google Inc. is subject to a number of threats like Yahoo, Bing etc., which may adversely affect its operations. For example, Google in some measure relies on portals like AOL (Kumar, 2011). If those contracts are terminated, the companys revenue will adversely be affected. Another threat results from the nature of the industry. Generally, there are no restrictions to entry of new players into the market. Thus, its a huge threat that, in the future, new entrant with the same or better interface may enter the industry. This will dilute the companys market share and revenue. As earlier noted, Googles Cost Per Click ranking and Charging policies are somehow confusing. If this problem is not resolved quickly, there is a possi bility of the company losing most of its users. Also, there is a strong completion from the company key rivals. For example, a portal such as Yahoo provides extr...

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A Star-Crossed Adaptation Romeo + Juliet - A Critical Response - Literature Essay Samples

Ludicrous car chases, intense hot pink hair and a world where Prince songs are sung as hymns; is this what Shakespeare wanted when he wrote Romeo and Juliet over 400 years ago? Baz Luhrmann’s film adaption of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, is a kaleidoscopic, punk version of the story of ‘star-crossed lovers’ that buries Shakespeare’s work amongst the flamboyant scenes. In one catastrophe, Luhrmann has mixed Shakespeare with gang wars, luring both to audiences to this production, yet disappointing all. Despite the ‘huge success’ this film has made in the box office, we can only ask; what was Luhrmann thinking to betray Shakespeare like this? The tragedy begins with a TV news report on the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The report is titled ‘Star Crossed Lovers’. We are then shown a quick montage, introducing the main characters before a panoramic shot displays the setting; Verona Beach, dominated by two skyscrapers displaying large lights which read Montague and Capulet. We are then immersed into this ‘future world’ where a standoff occurs between the Montague boys and the Capulet boys. We are shown an extreme close-up shot of the guns, each branded a ‘sword’ and labelled with the family crest. If the rest of the movie stuck to this fast-paced, full-on, furious style, then it would definitely not be Shakespeare, but maybe it would not be a disaster; however, it is not bold enough to abandon its Shakespearean roots, creating great confusion through the remainder of the film. The biggest inconsistency to Luhrmann’s adaption, is the language of the play, which is kept original while everything else reflects radical modernisation and excessive modification. In such a different context, much of the dialogue is lost and misinterpreted. Often the poetic lines are screamed and shouted so incomprehensibly, that the actors might as well be speaking in tongues. Fortunately, the talented and appealing Claire Danes (Juliet) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo) managed to revive parts of the film, with their vital passion and the way they speak their lines with the grace and melody that was intent by Shakespeare. Undoubtedly, ruining Shakespeare’s masterpieces is not a method debuts in Luhrmann’s film. From ballets, to songs, to several Oscar winning movies, not all Shakespeare remakes are let-downs. Several films have taken a similar line of action as Luhrmann, including the West Side Story made in 1961 to 10 Things I Hate About You in 1999, none have been such a disappointment as this infamous Luhrmann film. Italian director, Franco Zeffirelli, in his 1968 classic hit Romeo and Juliet manages to pinpoint the essence of beauty that was intent by Shakespeare when writing this play, during the 16th century. This British-Italian romance film, manages to capture the exquisiteness of young love, with 15 year-old Olivia Hussey playing Juliet and 17 year-old Leonard Whiting playing Romeo, manage to create the perfect emotional balance between tension, love and excitement, in the way a great film should position its viewers. Furthermore, Zeffirelli plays his part well in adhering to the renowned script, only occasionally modernising the film. With his setting, costumes and music, Luhrmann has not been faithful to Shakespeare, modernising the majority of this production, but is this all for the bad? The film’s setting actually has a cunning twist to the original; instead of being set in Verona, Italy, it is set in Verona Beach a bustling modern beachside metropolis, which was filmed in parts in Mexico. The city has a strong resemblance with the modern Miami, possessing skyscrapers, modern cars and other modern infrastructure, all of which has been overwhelm by the city-wide feud between the houses; Montague and Capulet. The costumes have been drastically changed from the original Elizabethan dress to highly modernised Hawaiian shirts, leather boots and hot pink hair. Additionally, the music is a modern hip-hop style, utilising effects such as the electric guitar and the choir can be heard singing Prince songs as hymns. One of Luhrmann’s greatest decisions, was to choose the two perfect actors to play the main roles. In the final scene, Luhrmann goes over the top in creating a flower-strewn altar that is lit by 2000 candles, yet the grand passion that this tragedy requires, is delivered with ease by DiCaprio and Danes. This, however, is one of Luhrmann’s only good decisions, with the rest of the production being a major disappointment. Baz Luhrmann is well known for pushing the boundaries with his unconventional methods, but in Romeo and Juliet he has not only crossed the line, but has vandalised the great Bards lifelong legacy.

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Speaking Strategies for English Learners

Many English students complain that they understand English, but dont feel confident enough to join a conversation. There are a number of reasons for this, which we include here along with possible solutions: Students try to translate from their native language into English. How to Fix  It? Identify the Little Man/Woman in Your Head  Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã‚  If you pay attention, youll notice that youve created a little person in your head that translates. By insisting on always translating through this little man or woman, youre introducing a third person into the conversation. Learn to identify this person and ask them nicely to be quiet! Production blocking occurs due to nervousness, lack of confidence, etc. How to Fix  It? Become a Child Again —  Think back to when you were a child learning your first language. Did you make mistakes? Did you understand everything? Allow yourself to be a child again and make as many mistakes as possible. Also accept the fact that you wont understand everything, thats okay! The speaker is looking for a specific word, rather than using simple language to describe what is meant. How to Fix  It? Dont Always Tell the Truth  Ã¢â‚¬â€ Students sometimes limit themselves by trying to find the exact translation of something theyve done. However, if you are learning English, its not necessary to always tell the truth. If you are practicing telling stories in the past, make up a story. Youll find you can speak more easily if you arent trying to find a specific word. There arent enough conversation opportunities in or outside of class. How to Fix  It? Use Your Native Language  Ã¢â‚¬â€ Think about what you like to discuss in your own native language. Find a friend who speaks your language, have a conversation about a topic you both enjoy in your own language. Next, try to reproduce the conversation in English. Dont worry if you cant say everything, just try to repeat the main ideas of your conversation. Students arent able to speak to peers (for example: mixed classes of adults and teenagers). How to Fix  It? Make Speaking Into a Game —  Challenge each other to speak in English for a short period of time. Keep your goals easy. Perhaps you can begin with a short two-minute conversation in English. As practicing becomes more natural, challenge each other for longer periods of time. Another possibility is to collect some money for each time you use your own language with a friend. Use the money to go out for a drink and practice some more English! Exam preparation focuses on grammar, vocabulary, etc. and leaves little time for active use. How to Fix  It? Create a Study Group  Ã¢â‚¬â€ If getting ready for a test is your primary goal for learning English, put together a study group to review and prepare — in English! Make sure your group only discusses in English. Studying and reviewing in English, even if its just grammar, will help you become more comfortable in speaking English.   Speaking Resources Here are a number of resources, lesson plans, suggestion pages, and more which will help you and your students improve English speaking skills in and outside of class. The first rule of improving speaking skills is to speak, converse, talk, gab, etc. as much as you can! However, these strategies can help you — or your students — make the most out of your efforts. American English Usage Tips — Understanding how Americans use English and what they expect to hear can help improve conversations between native and non-native speakers. These next two features help you understand how words stress plays a role in both understanding and being understood: Intonation and Stress: Key to UnderstandingWord Stress - Changes in Meaning Register use refers to the tone of voice and words that you choose when speaking to others. Appropriate register use can help you develop a good rapport with other speakers. Register UsageRegister Use in English Teaching Conversational Skills will help teachers understand specific challenges involved when teaching speaking skills in class. Social English Examples Making sure that your conversation starts well often depends on using social English (standard phrases). These social English examples provide short dialogues and key phases necessary. IntroductionsGreetingsSpecial DaysSpeaking to StrangersTraveling Phrases Dialogues Dialogues are useful in learning standard phrases and vocabulary used in common situations. These situations are some of the most common youll find when practicing your English. A Busy DayWeekend SportsAt a Restaurant Here are a number of dialogues based on level: Beginners DialoguesIntermediate Dialogues Conversation Lesson Plans Here are a number of lesson plans which have proven quite popular in ESL/EFL classrooms around the world. Well start with debates. Debates can be used in class to help motivate students and use phrases and vocabulary that they may not use on an everyday basis. Here are a few to start off with: Men and Women — Equal at Last?Multinationals —  Help or Hindrance? Games are also quite popular in class, and games which encourage to express their point of view are some of the best: Creating a New SocietyGuilty!Lego Blocks This page will lead you to all the conversation plans located on this site: Conversation Lesson Plan Resource